Life changing experiences in Oaxaca

Life changing experiences in Oaxaca 

Away from the classical tourism, we motivate the discovery of "the other". Learn and live experiences that freshen up your Mexico's insight We propose a visit with specialists who will help you to discover the magic and dreams of Oaxaca's creators

  • Mezcal con El doctor

    Mezcal con El doctor

  • Barro Rojo con Conchita

    Barro Rojo con Conchita

  • Alebrijes, Vicente y Tilcajete

    Alebrijes, Vicente y Tilcajete

Adventure happens when you open your mind to authentic experiences. Learn the tradition, craft, and sample artisan mezcal. Appreciate the artistry of “barro rojo” ceramics. Marvel at woodworking of colorful alebrijes and be delighted the beauty of handcrafted jewelry. Or even stay at our guide’s home and explore the neighborhood along with him/her…

Of course, the gastronomy of Oaxaca’s food will be yours to savor (and perhaps put your culinary skills in action). Live a true Mexican experience.

We believe travel must be human-centered, enriching, and transformative for both visitors and hosts. We call it “slow tourism”.