How to travel in Mexico?

As social networks users, we often see messages of fellow travelers asking for suggestions of what to do in Mexico, what to visit, and how to travel as fast as possible to see, let’s say, the South of the country in 15 days: “How can I visit Mexico City, Oaxaca, Chiapas and Cancun in 15 days? What do you recommend?”

Well, we strongly remind them, first of all, that they are starting a holiday, not a race! In second instance, we ask what is really their interest: are they looking for party, peace and relaxation, good hikes, protected areas, gastronomy…? Of course, the answer can be “All of them”, but again, that would be a race against oneself. So we insist and our suggestion is to check on the available activities and places and take decisions. It is hard to realize, but it is as true as the beauty of the country: the more you move, contradictorily, the less you see and understand!

For us, traveling is an art, a concept, a quest: when you enter a new journey you want, above all, to escape from your ordinary life. You wish to discover new flavors, watch new colors, and even meet different people that you would probably never meet if you don’t give yourself the chance to run away from your daily life. We have a saying: open your eyes, educate your nostrils and let yourself go at a slow pace. If the place is worth another day, then stay! If someone invites you to visit his/her place and try their food, take the opportunity! If you loved it so much that you want to go back and watch it again, then do it!

A good visit to a city and its surroundings will take at least 4 or 5 days. So if you plan to visit during 15 days, you will be able to visit 3 cities, and you know what? It’s just ok!  Remember that it is not only the city: it’s its archeological sites, neighboring towns, restaurants, workshops, handicrafts, markets…  Another example: if it’s about hikes, then its getting to the place, hiking one or two days, and then enjoying the pleasure of doing nothing! If you can visit a workshop, take your time, talk to the family, see their way of life and ask yourself what you can learn from them.

You will see that traveling for holidays can be much more interesting, rewarding and fun than just twitching the list of checkin-in to places for your social network.

At Andar&Ego we can help you from the very moment of designing your trip (in Oaxaca and several other parts of Mexico), and join you, in Oaxaca, for a visit in a slow and friendly timing to several places: either that we visit frequently of new sites that are interesting to discover. It all depends on your thirst for the unbeaten path.

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