Transformative Tourism for personal growth

Learn, live and experience places and people; refresh your own perception of the world. Join us in our mission: to make  a contribution to the local social and economical growth.

We are not a tourism company that will show you a staged view of local Folklore or the nicest areas of the city: we propose you to get acquainted with projects that exist because local entrepreneurs strive to make them profitable and sustainable. 

Should you like one of them, we welcome you to become an ambassador for their brand and effort: represent, finance and strength them with your links and connections… Believe in them, as much as we do. We are partners because we want them to gain recognition through tourism. At  Mi2U –our mother company– this is our essence: to be an organization who helps others to accomplish their dreams.

Visiting these projects makes a contribution to their networks, but it is also a manner to produce direct benefits: between 20 and 40% of the visit revenues go directly to their cashflow, as well as the whole of your purchases: we DO NOT get any kind of commission for the products they sell.

At Anda&Ego we produce special voyages: we join you to discover fresh and invigorative options related to Development Projects and Entrepreneurship, from a local and responsible gaze… without losing the entertainment and fun.
We will be pleased to help you in the design and execution of your journey.
Our visits can be guided in several languages: Spanish, French, English and Italian. 
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To learn more about out trip proposals go to "Voyages d'auteur". For us, Tourism is the art of arriving as a visitor and departing as a friend

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