Let's design your trip together!

Let’s make sure that your experience will be amazing and unforgettable. The more we devote to exchange points of view will allow us to match your interests and suggest the perfect companion to join your journey. Let’s begin setting up the best traveling team: you, our guide and our hosts.

Please remember that our visits have a component of cultural exchange with local actors: our duty is to accompany, guide and mediate between “our worlds”. We will ask you to spare some time during your visit to tell our hosts about your country and customs, just as they (producers, entrepreneurs, allies, local inhabitants and specialists) will allow us to get closer to their unique and magic personal stories and way of life.

Our visits are always personalized, we take lots of care in your specific interests. Lets communicate and construct your experience together!

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  • We start with a direct call (via Skype, Hangout, Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp…) to define your trip details and highlights. We will pay attention to your specific interests and solve any possible doubts. If you need them, we can provide suggestions for accommodation and/or other activities. 

    The call has a cost of USD 50.00 and will last 60 minutes. It will have to be paid in advance but we will deduct it from the final cost of your trip, if you decide to book us. If we need more time, there is an additional cost of USD 20.00 per each 30 min. Additional calls won’t be deducted from final price. 

    We offer two different options

    A. Tailored trip

    B. Discovering Oaxaca

    In order to pay the “design your trip” call, clic on the image below (you will be redirected to paypal for your payment)

  • We divide our offer in Complete Journeys and Short Excursions. In general, Complete Journeys have a core visit and can be completed with a short visit to another place located within the geographical area. Pick the one you like best, with the additional product (or not) of your selection. We list, under every proposal, which additional products can be offered with each Complete Journey.

    Should you prefer a sum of Short Excursions, you can also add them up, at your own selection (just be careful for the timing). Generally, Short Excursions happen within Downtown and are made foot, although additional transport can be considered. It is possible also to choose only one Short Excursion. 

     Our minimum working time is 3 hours and the maximum is 8. 

  • Perhaps the most entertaining option is when we figure out your interests and once we are clear about the things that “turn you on”, you just let it go and leave it all to us to design a specific trip for you, according with your availability of time. 

    From then on, we will suggest a journey for you, according to your availability of time. We can visit a new project, meet artists, attend a special event or just construct an itinerary that we consider will fit your quest and plans to discover.

    Leave it in our hands and allow us to surprise you!

  • As in every trip, there are important rules to be followed in order to have a safer and better trip. Here are some of the most important for us. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiry!

    1. A “normal” day starts at 9AM, commonly after breakfast. Every 4 hours we do contemplate at least 40 minutes for a “lunch stop” or a “lunch pause”, either in a restaurant of a stopover in the road.
    2. We do not work with groups larger than 10 people. In some cases, even less (depending on the road conditions and type of trip)
    3. Some visits can be performed without car, as long as you are willing and ready to walk in downtown Oaxaca for at least 3 hours.
    4. Taking photographs can be done only with the consent of the person that you want to picture. If your interest is photography, please let us know in advance.
    5. At Andar&Ego we promote encounters between persons: do not be surprised if during your trip our host asks about your culture or the place where you live. We invite you to share your personal experience. 
    6. All trip reservations and payments have to be fully covered in advance, at least one week before your arrival to Oaxaca. 
    7. Prices are subject to last minute change until the moment you pay them. Proposals have a specific validity.
    8. Our trip proposals are subject to variations of even cancellations, due to our allies unavailability. Normally, no booking will be cancelled once it has been paid, but if such situation ever occurs we will offer you the closest solution. If no agreement is reached, you will receive your full refund.
    9. If you made a payment and wish to cancel your trip, a 20% charge will be applied over your refund. 
    10. For travel agencies or tourism operators: you can offer our products with a 7% commission (over our quoted price) for your company.
  • We offer two kinds of products:

    • Complete Journeys: they last between 6 to 8 hours. Cost includes a direct payment for the allies in the places we visit, as well as a couple drinks, snacks and –if the trip is related to– a mezcal testing, a minor gift, and lunch. We also include museum and other fees that might be required. When using transport vehicles, we travel in comfortable trucks with air-conditioning and we include water bottles, fruit and snacks. If you have a rented car or car of you own, that is also possible. Transport is included in Complete Journeys.
    • Short Excursions: they last between 2 and 3 hours and they refer to trips that we designed together with our allies at UNIDAM, in their AMA Oaxaca project (Check Oaxaca’s Soul). A local host from the project will guide us through specific sites and tell us his experience and vision. Brenda, Héctor or Samuel will also join and help with translations, specific comments and their own experience. These trips DO NOT include transportation (they are made foot), but we do make a stopover for a courtesy snack and fees and entrances to museums or sites are included.

    <Contact us here> to book or ask for a quote.

  • Would you like to visit a place that is not listed in our proposals? Are you a fan of the unpaved road and unbeaten path? Willing to visit Apoala, or a place with dinosaur traces, or just the “lost mountains”?  Write us and we’ll gladly prepare something for you…

    Of course, your security comes first, but watch out, roads can be full of dirt, beds a bit uncomfy and food, bizarre.  Just be prepared to be a bit adventurous. 

    …. And keep the secret: this is one of our favorite types of trip!


We don’t “tour”, we travel with you!

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