Let's design your trip together!

Let’s make sure that your experience will be amazing and unforgettable. The time that we commit to exchange points of view will allow us to suggest the perfect journey, so let’s have a conversation!

Please remember that our visits have a component of cultural exchange with local actors: our duty is to accompany, guide and mediate between “our worlds”. We ask you to spare some time during your visit to tell our hosts about your country and customs, just as they (producers, entrepreneurs, allies, local inhabitants and specialists) will allow us to get closer to their unique and magic personal stories and way of life.

Our visits are always personalized, we take lots of care in your specific interests. 

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  • We start with a direct call (via Skype, Hangout, Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp…) to define your trip details and highlights. We will pay attention to your specific interests and solve any possible doubts. Should you need them, we can provide suggestions for accommodation and/or other activities.

    The call has a cost of USD 30.00 and will last 60 minutes. It has to be paid in advance, AND we will deduct it from the final cost of your trip. If we need more time, there is an additional cost of USD 20.00 per each 30 min. Extra calls won’t be deducted from final price. 

    We offer two different options (see below):

    A. Signature trips

    B. Tailored trips

    To pay the “design your trip” call, clic on the image below. You will be redirected to PayPal.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Please feel free to contact us for an initial conversation, WITHOUT ANY PAYMENT. Just drop us a mail at info@andaryego.com


We don’t “tour”, we travel with you!

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