Oaxaca's Adult University: "Straight from Oaxaca's Soul"

Nothing better than someone who loves Oaxaca to guide us through its secrets

In 2014, The Oaxaca University for the Eldery (UNIDAM) created a diploma called “Elderly Adults as Local Hosts”, which main objective is to offer the possibility for the elder to participate in economic and social activities through guiding, thus providing the opportunity for local people to show their favorite places to visitors. These sites are part of their passion and history. 

Every excursion focuses on a central subject, which will be broadened while visiting (jewelry, legends from a neighborhood) and appended with local histories. Each host has studied every local secret and its particularities. You will have the opportunity to visit the city as very few people does: with a mixture of present and past, from a very local point of view.

Each excursion takes up to 3 hours, and they are made on foot exclusively with you and your party. You will have at least two companions: an UNIDAM’s host and one of us (Brenda, Héctor, Sam), who will take care of logistics, translations and interpreting. Our hosts are not always available: contact us for more information. 

Clic on each excursion for more details.

We don’t “tour”, we travel with you!

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