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Why us?

At Andar& Ego tourism is not the goal: it’s a tool for cultural exchange and networking. We motivate encounters among persons and assume that our lives get enriched when we travel. That is our aim.

Each tour integrates a bilingual professional with tourism and communication skills AND a local specialist. We have been in Oaxaca for several years, knitting, weaving and constructing networks, as well as participating in projects with artisans, mezcal producers, entrepreneurs, students, designers, local authorities, and many others. We are proud of our abilities to generate bridges between cultures.

We foster debate as a mean to get a better understanding of our societies. For us, ethics should be in the front row of any negotiation. 

¿Why “Andar & Ego”?

While studying my Master degree in Ecotourism in Peru, I found a book called ‘A trip too far’, Rosaleen Duffy. There, she complains about ‘green travelers’ and Ecotourism, implying that lots of projects are pure greenwashing, not sincere interest for sustainability. She argues that most travelers are far more interested in satisfying their ego, than in improving their world. Yes, Tourism is Ego (the ‘self’), but it includes also the fact of traveling and discovering (‘Andar’ in Spanish, stands for ‘walk’ or ‘wander’).  Andar&Ego is also a pun for “andariego”, the wanderer. 

For us, as a collective, Tourism is a sum of actions: getting there, learning, getting surprised, trying to be of some help… and leaving”. To Wander and put yourself at the service of others. I couldn’t be happier: playing with words made the perfect name for our Company. – Samuel

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Samuel Desarrollo sustentable & Turismo

Passionated traveler who fell captive to Oaxaca's Charm and sustainability efforts. Researcher in Tourism, consultant and entrepreneur, writer and a dreamer with the feet well on the ground. (Clic on picture for more!)

Soy un viajero apasionado que cayó en las redes de Oaxaca. Estudioso del turismo, consultor, pequeño empresario y soñador con los pies en la tierra. ¡Dale clic a la foto para más información!

Voyageur passionné de Oaxaca. Chercheur en tourisme, consultant, empresario et rêveur d'un meilleur monde

English – Français – Español.

Héctor Vázquez Mezcal y Desarrollo sustentable

My passion for mezcal has allowed me to heighten my knowledge of culture, history and traditions of Oaxaca. For more than 15 years I have teamed with local producers, advising them on subjects related to production and management.

Ma passion pour le mezcal m'a permis d'accroire ma connaissance de culture, histoire et traditions de Oaxaca. Je travaille depuis près de 15 ans avec des producteurs locaux, au sujet de production et gestion.

Mi pasión por el mezcal me ha permitido profundizar en la cultura, historia y tradición de Oaxaca. Durante más de 15 años he acompañado proyectos productivos, asesorándoles en temas de producción y organizacionales.

Español – English – Italiano.

Brenda Millán Diseño Industrial y participativo

Dessinateur industriel avec une énorme passion pour le travail des artisans. J'adore voyager, me soucier des détails et j'ai tout l'enthousiasme pour la gastronomie locale.

Industrial designer with a strong passion for the artisan work. I love traveling, working in details and consider myself an enthusiast of the local gastronomy.

Diseñadora industrial con una enorme pasión por el trabajo con artesanos. Amo viajar, trabajar en el detalle y disfruto enormemente la variedad gastronómica.

Español – English – Italiano.