From the Prehispanic to the contemporary era: goldsmiths in Oaxaca

Paty is an expert in goldsmith. She worked as a salesperson for more than 25 years and today, full of pride, she take us through a trip in time and the production of beautiful pieces.

We will start our journey with a visit to the Regional Museum of Anthropology to observe specifically the gallery dedicated to the treasures of the “Grave #7”, from the Monte Alban site, one of the most impressive findings in archeology in Oaxaca. Admire the fine production of gold, glass and precious stones. If you are willing to come back to the museum later during the day, you will be able to, with your ticket. Afterwards, we will continue to the “Oro de Monte Alban”atelier, which specializes in pre-hispanic replicas. A totally hand-made production with high quality, that has been made for generations. If interested, you can purchase some replicas in their store.

Before finishing our circuit, we will walk to the 20 de Noviembre market to check on the more popular jewelry –made with cheaper materials but also wonderful– that you will also be able to purchase if you want to bring some souvenir with you.

Our final destination will be the “Smoke Corridor”, one of our most entertaining areas for local food in the popular way: a place in the market where you can order your meat, buy tortillas, vegetables (avocados, hot spices, grilled onions…) and soft drinks, and eat them on the same place. Cheap, enjoyable and fun. Are you ready for the excursion?

Length: 2 hours

Short Excursion

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