Legends of Xochimilco and Jalatlaco

Together with  Martha or Hortensia, we will visit two traditional neighborhoods of Oaxaca that are just very recently being included in the tourism circuit of the city. Both areas treasure hidden nooks and history: streets with legends, artisan workshops, coffee shops, artistic graffitis and local architecture. Each quarter deserves a specific walk and they can be made independently of in a sequence, depending on your time and interest for discovery. Both require around two hours, and they include a brief stopover for a refreshment (on us!).

In Xochimilco [Pronounce “sotchimelco”], one of the very first city settlements, we will discover two artisan places: one elaborates brass handicrafts and the other textiles made of cotton, such as blankets, pillow cases, bed covers…  Immediately after we will visit the local church and know its history. We will also visit the BS Library, managed the Harp Helú Fund, as well as the aqueduct, the Cross of Stone, the Black Christ and the Corner of Love, where couples used to meet to read poetry. If you decide only for one visit, we will finish it in a coffee shop; should you decide to keep going, we will move to the other neighborhood.

In Jalatlaco [Say “Halatlaco”, with Spanish “a” ] we will listen to the quarter stories, visit the area of the former tanneries, which existed from the mid XIX century until the middle of the XX century. Jalatlaco is also known for its graffitis related to the Day of the Dead and to our classical “Catrina”, the “Dapper Skeleton” or “Elegant Skull”, as José Posadas –a painter– portrayed sarcastically the Mexican high society. We will also visit a local hotel owner, who will offer us his vision of the change happening in the “barrio”. If she is in the city, we might have the chance to meet one of the last tanners and saddlers of Oaxaca. Finally, we will head to the Calzada de la República, a large avenue that displays 18 statues which were donated the same number of Mexican States to celebrate the opening of such important avenue. Jalatlaco is an historical neighborhood which transforms itself into a lively area with restaurants, boutique hotels and art galleries. If you wish to, you can stay in Jalatlaco to enjoy the rest of the day.

Length: 2 hours each Neighborhood. If visited together, please consider a light walk of around 8 kilometers (4,97 mi.).

Short Excursion / Each neighborhood is a separate visit

Additional products

  • Lunch in local restaurants (2:00 hrs.)
  • Visit “Goldsmith in Oaxaca” [UNIDAM] (3:00 hrs)
  • The magic of Hand Blown Glass (5:00 hrs) [Extra car required]