Mezcal: tradition, history and way of life in Oaxaca

Rey’s Palenque:

Rey lives in Santa Catarina Minas, a Village specialized in excellent mezcal, quality made from ancient and special artisanal production methods, including art. Rey is a peculiar entrepreneur on the mezcal world: he has diversified it’s own entrepreneurial activities and bets for quality on small batches, just like small groups of visitors. He loves to attend and share with friends, mindful of listening to their stories. He is curious from learning how you live, what is being produced where you live, and how is your birthplace.

Beyond mezcal, he produces vegetables, manages a “colectivo” transport service, and is always looking for new ideas. His wife, daughters and son are part of their team, –hopefully we’ll be lucky enough to meet them on our visit- and inspire him to recognize day day the women’s character on the rural space.

We’ll learn about the mezcal production process, we’ll taste some of the mezcal maguey varieties produced at their distillery and we’ll learn about the rural life around Oaxaca city. Beyond the distillery visit, we will visit the maguey fields. On most of the visits we will be accompanied Hector, our specialist in mezcal production. He will give us a very interesting talk about the booming mezcal industry and its contradictions. We will also try some local botanas (appetizers) and eat on a local barbecue place.

Length: 8 hours.

Complete Journey

Additional products

  • Brief visit to the Popular Arts Museum, in San Bartolo Coyotepec  [crafts] (1:00 hrs)