Teotitlán’s little secret: Wax and color

Teotitlan del Valle is already famous for its textiles (mainly carpets) made of wool with natural dyes.

The color pigment preparation is very specialized and the textile quality is well recognized around the world, nevertheless its history on candles production is little known.

More than three generations ago, the church used to designate a local family to produce the candles that it required. That was Don José’s family responsibility: they have been in charge of this production for years, making candles from different colors and a special one, The “Cirio” an extra large model. During the last few years, they have sold their candles to other villages and churches, even in rough times, when external competition started to grow, making it very hard to compete with imported products.

The “Centro de Diseño de Oaxaca”, which used to be a Oaxaca’s government project for Craft Design Innovation until 2015, made a project in collaboration with famous designers and Don José’s family, in order to develop new models using improved techniques, for modern markets. The result has been an increase in model variety and production methods. These changes have been well adopted within the family production processes.

Brenda, who specializes on handicrafts production, will be your guide in Teotitlan. There, you will visit Don José and his family, as well as a natural dying workshop and the wool carpet production area too. Before coming back we’ll try some local food at the producer’s house.

Length: 5 hours.

Complete Journey

Additional products

  • Visit to Tlacochahuaya’s Church (1:30 hrs)
  • Visit to Dainzú Archeological site (1:30 hrs)
  • Visit to Yagul Archeological site (1:30 hrs)