A Signature Trip is like a good meal: it is cooked with love, enjoyed in a cozy place, and shared among friends. Dessert time is full with passionated conversations. When you leave, you get the sensation that next time will be even better. And you already want to come back. 

We’ve always thought that persons make the difference, and it has been our aim in this project: to have the best guide, to visit authentic –not staged– places, and to meet those who create and shape them. Our allies have a complete passion for their products and love to show it. 

We want to share our experience with you, to brighten up your visit and make all your senses aware. Our range of activities can mix up to construct your dream trip. We figure out the best journey according to your interests and quest for experiences: photography , cultural exchange, production techniques (and maybe share yours?), local traditions, typical food and not just “gourmet” restaurants…

Besides, we are always willing to discover new places and activities with you, as long as you have the appetite for adventure.  Visit our  “Design your trip” section to check out our proposal. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

We look forward to meet you in Oaxaca!

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Choose among out three trip main subjects: Oaxaca's Soul, Productive Projects, Natural Spaces

We don’t “tour”, we travel with you!

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